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Welcome to the poe mill music the place where we build community

Welcome to Poe Mill Music, where history meets creativity in the heart of our beloved city. Nestled within a charming historical district, our 5,300 sqft space is a haven for music enthusiasts and artists alike.

With multiple areas to explore, we invite you to embark on a journey through sound and expression like never before.
At Poe Mill Music, we pride ourselves on providing a dynamic array of spaces tailored to every musical need. Whether you’re seeking a sanctuary for sonic exploration or a vibrant venue to showcase your talents, our versatile facilities are designed to inspire and empower.

Founders of Poe mill music

Brice Smith Co-founder of Poe Mill Music

Brice Smith, part-time drummer and the spirited co-founder of Poe Mill Music, seamlessly blends his executive acumen as the founder and CEO of InvestiNet for the past 13 years with his love for music. At the core of Poe Mill Music, Brice's passion for beats and melodies converges with his entrepreneurial spirit, creating a space where music goes beyond entertainment to become a force for community engagement and uplift.

This visionary's commitment extends beyond the boardroom into the very fabric of the community, embodying Poe Mill Music's ethos: a symphony of artistic passion and social responsibility. Brice's journey with InvestiNet underscores his skill in leadership and innovation, qualities he channels into making Poe Mill Music a beacon of artistic excellence and local impact.

Jason Nodine Co-founder of Poe Mill Music

Jason Nodine hails from the heart of Greenville County, bringing to the table a robust background in project management that's as finely-tuned as a classic guitar. A proud alumnus of Spartanburg Methodist College, he then took the wheel for a 25-year ride with BMW Manufacturing, managing complex projects with the precision and skill that come from years of experience in the industry.

As he steps onto a new stage, Jason carries a toolbox filled with rich expertise and a collaborative spirit. With a track record of standout achievements and a flair for collaboration, Jason is set to hit the ground running on this new endeavor, tuning every effort to resonate with success.

Our mission and values

“To create an environment that fosters creativity and generosity within the local music scene to expose children to the power of music through musical instrument instruction, music recording, and live music production”


Building a stronger, interconnected Greenville music community where support and shared passion thrive.


Open to all, Poe Mill Music champions diversity, bringing together varied perspectives and experiences to enrich everyone's journey.


Fostering a creative and cooperative space for local artists in music and performing arts to unite, share, and refine their talents.


Championing music's transformative power to uplift and inspire, touching lives with positivity.


Dedicated to aiding local non-profits by integrating music education and production, bolstering their programs and outreach.

Our partners

We are deeply committed to collaborating with diverse communities and individuals to bring the gift of music to children. This integral aspect of our mission operates on a non-profit basis, and we welcome all who share our passion to join us as partners or investors in this noble endeavor.

Lead collective
Griggs church
Poe Mill Achievement Center

Our facilities

Recording Studio
100 person Listening Room
Podcast Booth
Event space
Practice Areas

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